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Tele-Health Visits

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About Tele-Health Visits

If you are unable to come to one of our clinics in person, we also have Tele-Health visits available.   We utilize telecommunication technologies to enable you to be face-to-face with your Doctor electronically instead of having to come to one of our clinics.  This can often be more convenient for patients if they live far away or are unable to get to one of our clinics.

To setup a Tele-Health visit all you need to do is call one of our clinics that is most convenient for you and speak to one of our administrators.   If you are a new patient we will coordinate with your insurance company on your behalf to get the necessary approvals.

If you are an existing patient, our team will work with you to setup a time to and help you understand whatever is necessary on your end to have your Tele-Health appointment.

Please contact one of our clinics to see if Tele-Health is for you.   Click here to contact us today!