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Preventative Care Visits

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About Preventative Care Visits

Primary care management refers to the coordinated and comprehensive care provided by a primary care physician (PCP) for individuals seeking healthcare services. The PCP serves as the first point of contact for patients and is responsible for providing preventive care, diagnosing and treating illnesses, and coordinating care with specialists and other healthcare providers as needed.

The goal of primary care management is to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, and reduce healthcare costs by avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Primary care management also promotes a patient-centered approach to healthcare, emphasizing preventive care and proactive management of chronic conditions.

Lister will help the PCP retain a close relationship between the patient, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical history and current health status. It also involves the use of technology and data to support the delivery of care and improve the patient experience.

Lister is a Principal Care Management company serving all 50 states in the US. Lister’s goal since its inception in 2015 has been to deliver PCPs patient-centered, practice-friendly services with compassion, effectiveness, and PCPs revenue growth.