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Elizabeth Livingston, CRNP
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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Most addiction practices are limited to only treating opioid abuse. Many practices are also cash-only clinics, which limits the access to care that people need. Our goal is to revolutionize addiction medicine, here is how:

1. We provide treatment not only for opioid addiction, but also for stimulant (amphetamine, methamphetamine and cocaine), alcohol and benzodiazepine addiction. Although we have a stand-alone practice, we also collaborate with many community organizations, such as Aletheia House and Southern Wellness to provide medication assistance for substance use disorders.

2. We also provide primary care services for all of your chronic medical conditions. Many of these conditions, including chronic pain, chronic fatigue and mental health conditions, can worsen addiction or trigger relapse. You will receive both quality primary care and addiction care in a compassionate manner without the fear of judgment from your medical providers.

3. Importantly, we accept most medical insurers, making it easier to get the care you need and deserve.


Our Plan To Help You

Luna Our Plan To Help

The first step is for you to contact us to set up an appointment and initial consultation. We will take a careful history of both your battle with addiction and your other health conditions, including any mental health disorders. We will follow this with a comprehensive physical examination.

We will order any diagnostic testing (such as bloodwork or imaging studies) needed to better assess your overall health.
We will have an initial treatment plan on your first visit, which will be adjusted based on the results of any diagnostic tests that are ordered.

We will follow up regularly to address how our treatment plan is helping with both your addiction disorder and your overall health.